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Vías Ferrata en Alicante (Ponoch)


It is said that from the top of the mountain, everything is different since you can discover delightful hideouts that were invisible at ground level and you may also feel a special sensation that is only conceived when you are there. Ponoch via ferrata is a vertical trail, similar to a climbing wall, but the difference is that this route is provided with steps and steel cables. The first via ferratas were built in the Dolomite mountain region of Italy during the First World War and they were used for supply and escapes. Years later, via ferrata became a sport and they have been equipped with other elements like bridges and zip-lines to create a more enjoyable experience.


It can be said that via ferrata is halfway between hiking and climbing, but it is essential to wear safety equipment and follow basic recommendations like wearing a helmet, harness and cables, as well as suitable clothes and footwear, some food and water. Besides, if the descent is an abseil, it is necessary to know the correct techniques or being accompanied by professionals. In the Valencian Community there are twelve via ferratas that will lead those lucky mountaineers to unique places. One last piece of advice: you must not go to via ferratas in stormy days since they work as lighting conductors.

If you do not have any experience in via ferratas and you would like to try the Ponoch one, but you do not dare or you do not have the required equipment, do not hesitate to contact Destino Guadalest. They are provided with all the necessary material and they would explain you all what you need to know.

Ponoch Via Ferrata in Polop de la Marina.

Length: 300 m.

Difficulty: High.

Approximate duration to reach Ponoch via ferrata: 25 minutes.

Approximate duration for Ponoch via ferrata: 1 hour and a half.

Ponoch via ferrata is the most athletic of all via ferratas in Alicante and one of the most impressive of the Valencian Community and Spain. It ploughs through Ponoch hill with vertical drops. You may access through a steep track that will lead you to the main wall where Ponoch via ferrata can be seen. To descend, it is necessary to abseil twice (25 and 35 metres). Ponoch via ferrata is one of the most recommended since you may enjoy amazing views of the shore of Alicante.