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Climbing in Alicante - Climbing in Guadalest Valley


Climbing in Alicante is considered a mountain sport in which specific, approved equipment is required in order to ascend walls or hillsides until a certain altitude or to the top.

For those who have never practised this sport, we offer you the possibility of introducing yourself in this world counting on the help of our instructors. They will teach you all what you need to know and they will give you the necessary materials.

For those who are mountain climbers, we also provide the opportunity to visit our house in order to know all the possibilities that you may find in Guadalest Valley.

Guadalest Valley has lots of possibilities for climbing in Alicante. Furthermore, thanks to our location, we also offer you the chance to visit other popular places like El Peñón de Ifach and El Mascarat in Calpe, Puig Campana, Ponoch…


There are several kinds of climbing: rock climbing, alpine climbing, ice climbing, big-wall, etc. These styles are part of several disciplines like free climbing, traditional climbing, sport climbing and solo climbing, among others.

Climbing produces adrenalin since our body is not accustomed to height. Nevertheless, it has been demonstrated that it creates a satisfying effect in small doses, and this fact provokes that we feel like doing it again. Therefore, with all these pleasant sensations and the beautiful views, success is guaranteed and those who practise this sport will have an unforgettable experience.

For all these reasons, Alicante and Guadalest Valley are the perfect locations to combine this sport, serenity and nature, since our environment is provided with several climbing routes with different levels and styles to enjoy.