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Restaurant in Benimantell - Venta La Montaņa


Once you arrive to Benimantell, following the road to Alcoy and just next to Ximo’s bakery you will find a restaurant called Venta La Montaña. It is located in the region of Marina Baixa, province of Alicante, and just five minutes away from Guadalest. This was an ancient inn of the beginning of the 20th century.


This ancient hostelry dates from 1910 and it has remained almost unmodified. The owners from the restaurant Venta La Montaña, Carlos and Juani, have tried to adapt the dining hall and the kitchen in the best manner possible, following the original structure of the building so as not to lose the charming of one of the most ancient houses of Benimantell.

Its ceilings are provided with more than four metres high, the floor is made with polished cement, cobblestones in the entrance, hydraulic tiles in one of the dining halls, the wooden gate and, most of all, the fireplaces and the farming tools that are hooked on the walls, are an existing proof of the ancient lifestyle.

When you enter to this restaurant, Carlos will welcome you and his warmth will be the basis of a pleasant meal.

If you visit this restaurant in winter, try to sit next to the fireplace; the heat of the flames will make you feel as if you were back in time.


On Wednesday it is closed for weekly break.

From Thursday to Tuesday: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.


This restaurant has an estimated capacity of 60 diners.

Food Style:

This restaurant in Benimantell is specialized in the traditional cuisine of the Valley of Guadalest. “Menjars de la terra” or dishes of the mountain of Alicante, as our neighbours usually refer to.

Don’t expect huge opulence. You will not find silverware or bohemian glassware; however, we do assure that when you try their popular ‘Olleta de Blat’ or a slow-baked shoulder of lamb with rosemary and thyme that they themselves pick up in the mountains… yummy! You won’t need any serviette because it’s finger-licking good!

Besides, among other signature dishes, we highlight soup with meatballs and rice olleta (stew). There are also different kinds of rice and meats… and to nibble something, you can taste some starters like aspencat, vegetable and ham croquettes, and of course, Juani’s onion pasty, cooked with all her love.

And if you are still hungry, ask for one of their homemade desserts and some local liquor, your body will thank you.

This restaurant in Benimantell, Venta La Montaña, has received several recognitions by Guía Gourmetour and Guía de Restaurantes de El País, among others, for being in the spotlight for many years.