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Are you looking for an apartment in Guadalest with a pet?

Are you looking for pet friendly accommodation to enjoy with your pet? In Guadalest, you’ll find an ideal destination with everything you need to be comfortable with your furry friend and spend a few memorable days.


In fact, you can choose from a wide variety of apartments with pets or if you prefer, choose a good hotel with pets. When you have an animal at home, you want to spend the holidays with them and continue collecting great emotions and shared experiences. Don’t leave your dog or cat at home!


Key points to traveling with pets


Obviously, you have the last word when deciding between an apartment, hotel or rural house with pets. But the first thing you should do is narrow down your search for accommodation based on the needs and characteristics of your favourite animal.


The selection of accommodation in Guadalest with pets responds to the required parameters and greatly facilitates the final choice.


Thus, in these holiday establishments for owners and pets, you will find these aspects perfectly covered:

  • Space. Your animal needs to roam freely, exercise and function in a spacious and suitable environment. Or are you going to have them locked up all the time on holiday? Take a look at the natural spaces, the provision of shade and access to drinking water, for example, to differentiate between options in Guadalest.
  • Naturalness. It’s also important that the rules of the accommodation allow the presence of animals without too many restrictions, beyond those dictated by common sense.
  • Comfort. To what extent will your pet feel comfortable there? Your companion is another guest who needs certain comforts to feel comfortable.
  • Security. This is another important aspect, focused on a double approach: the care and protection of the animal and that of the other people and animals it comes across.
  • Services. As far as possible, your pet should be received in the accommodation like any other user. They’re another client and as such, they should be perfectly cared for and have the appropriate benefits and resources.
  • Entertainment. Finally, think about the leisure factor too, before choosing between one pet-friendly accommodation and another. Consider what kind of entertainment your furry friend will have, how far away it will be from them, and to what extent they will have a great time at the holiday destination.


The provision of apartments, hotels and other accommodation in Guadalest makes this town on the Costa Blanca, very close to Benidorm, Villajoyosa and Altea, a perfect choice. Entertainment and satisfaction are guaranteed.


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