Segways en Guadalest


Segways in Alicante and of course, our Segway trips in Guadalest, are the latest inventions in intelligent transportation systems, and at the same time, they are really fun.

Segway PT (Segway Personal Transporter) is the first personal transporter with self-balancing system, designed to take you wherever you want. It allows you to move fast and for this reason, when we have to go to work, go shopping, go on errands, play golf or simply when you want to go out, segways are efficient tools that add some fun in our daily life.

Find out what intelligent, fun transportation systems mean while discovering our valley with our Segway trips in Guadalest.


Our segways in Alicante are completely prepared for any kind of ground. The tyres are extremely useful in the most difficult ones like soil, gravel, grass or sand, and for this reason, Segway trips will be very enjoyable and fun.

The special technology of Segway Inc. detects the change in the balance point, and adjusts the speed at which it is balancing the rider accordingly. Besides, the irregular, precipitous areas of our valley will not be obstacles thanks to the exact distance from the Segway basis to the floor. You can ride even 20km in just one charge. It does not matter how long the search for thrill will lead you since fun will be guaranteed.

Our segways in Guadalest are incredibly fun, efficient vehicles and it is very easy to learn how to drive them. If you shift your weight forward it starts moving, and if you move backwards the Segway will also go backwards. It is as simply as that!


Enjoy our Segway trips in Alicante all year long.