Geocaching in Guadalest


If you are a group of people, friends or relatives, we are delighted to present you a very different activity for those who are going to visit our area: geocaching in Alicante, also known as “the treasure hunt” in Guadalest Valley. There is no better place to do this search, is there?

To do this treasure hunt, it is necessary to book it beforehand. You have to contact us to organise and customise the activity for you, depending on your available time and your abilities, of course.

Did you know that…

Nowadays, there are 367,375 hidden treasures in 222 different countries. There will be many more from now on…


These geocaching activities in Alicante consist of one or more teams who are looking for hidden treasures, while using high technology; each team will be provided with GPS systems, walkie-talkies and maps.

By using these tools and some teamwork strategies, the teams will fight to find the caches. The treasures may be very simple or highly complex to discover. You can find from jigsaw pieces to treasures located at 5 metres high.

Due to its geographical conditions, Guadalest Valley is a perfect area to develop this geocaching activity since it combines wide rural spaces with beautiful spots that you will never forget.


Any time of the year is perfect to do geocaching. In the following article published by Destino Guadalest you will find a geocaching guide to know how this fun activity works.