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Museo de Saleros y Pimenteros


This new museum in Guadalest has recently opened and is located in front of the Information and Tourism Office. It does not leave anyone indifferent because when you first enter the museum you are not only impressed by the amount of salt and pepper shakers displayed, but what amazes the visitor is man’s imagination, that is to say, authentic artistic creations that may seem insignificant at anyone's house, but that marvel when you pay a little bit of attention to them.


According to Andrea Ludden, curator of the Salt and Pepper Shakers museum in Guadalest, the most attractive and admirable thing is the creativity of the craftsmen who have made, from simple containers of salt and pepper, true works of art. And, after more than 20 years of collecting, Andrea decided to choose Guadalest to display his exhibition.

We are talking about more than 20,000 pieces that have been carefully cataloged and ordered so as to captivate the spectator’s eyes. These salt and pepper shakers are available throughout different showcases filled with shelves. There are animals of all kinds (bulls, donkies, birds, dogs, hens, crabs ...), you will find Christmas motifs, sets of salt and pepper shakers sorted by colors, materials, origins, ancient and modern, small and miniature, as well as large dimensions, magnetic, mobile, in the form of cudly animals, houses, ...

There is so much and so varied stuff that focusing your attention on each one of them is really going to be almost impossible, that's why we recommend you to visit the museum without haste in order to enjoy the power of man's imagination creating things so simple, but at the same time, as beautiful as simple salt and pepper shakers can be.

Ahh !! We forgot ... Remember before leaving to sign in their guestbook, Andrea loves people to write down their opinion. And do not forget to put "your pin" (you will understand this when you conclude your visit).


This Salt and Pepper Shakers Museum opens everyday at 10:30 in the morning all year round. 


General entrance at the museum in Salt and Pepper Shakers in Guadalest is 3€/person

For groups check prices