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Canyoning in Guadalest Valley


The search for new emotions, together with the adrenaline rush and the beautiful hideouts of our canyons in Alicante, lead people to immerse themselves in this sport that provides us with unique, incomparable experiences. Canyoning in Alicante goes together with speology and mountaineering. It was born in France at the beginning of the XX century and it has become one of the most popular sports in the last years. It consists in descending canyons (with or without water), while finding out incredible locations with a wild, well-preserved natural beauty. Destino Guadalest is pleased to invite you to enjoy doing canyoning in the canyons of Alicante.


When practising canyoning, we need to wear the suitable equipment and be advised by professionals. Some materials are essential to practise this sport; from wetsuits (in order to descend aquatic canyons) to helmets, hiking equipment, etc. Don’t worry! We will put you in touch with the best canyoning companies of our province of Alicante.

The canyons in Alicante are fluvial slope landform whereby water descends in some seasons. They are used as riverbeds for rivers and tributaries.

In short, canyoning in Alicante is an ideal sport for any kind of participant; you only need to be in a good shape and feel like enjoying, since canyoning in Alicante combines, depending on the difficulty of each place, rappelling, jumping, zip-lines and even diving is found in some cases. Perhaps for these reasons, canyoning is such a successful sport because there are not two completely identical descends. Moreover, you can also experience other feelings from different adventure sports; it is a set of multi-adventure.

In Guadalest Valley apart of knowing about the existence of canyoning, we can also enjoy this sport while immersing ourselves in a fascinating adventure that leaves an unforgettable mark in our senses. In Destino Guadalest we offer several canyons, but here you will find one of the famous canyons of Alicante.

Mela’s canyon

This canyon hides both beauty and adventure. It starts in little river pools easy to descend, but as the canyon draws on, we find more pronounced slopes in which we need to rappel. Besides, we can also jump into the river pools depending on the level of the water in that moment. It is advisable to know the different techniques beforehand through guides and professionals, as well as the usage of the suitable equipment, clothes and footwear to practise this sport.

Approximate time of the activity: 2 hours and a half.

Distance: 1 km.

Technique difficulty: Low.

Physic difficulty: Low.

Level of water: It depends on the season, but it is not plentiful.


It is recommended practising canyoning in Alicante, and more specifically in Guadalest, in autumn, winter and spring.