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The Orduña’s House (Guadalest) – The Library

The Library

Without any doubt, this is the most attractive set of the house. It has a total of 1265 volumes. The catalog of the Old Background (1500-1800) consists of 589 cards. The books present different formats and shapes of bookbinding. It is a family library with three basic moments in its formation:

First moment: last third of 18 century, being the lawyer Sir Francisco de Paula Orduña, the person who contributed most with books (according to the exlibris) contributed to the same onto the library. He introduced traditional legal issues and others reflecting the Spanish and European political effervescence between the convocation of the General Estates in France (August 8th, 1788) and the uprising of Irrigation (January 1st, 1820).

• Secondly and a bit later, various religious, philosophical and Latin classics came from the confiscation of the Capuchin monastery of Callosa d'En Sarrià.

• In the third moment (1850-1890) legal literature, regulations, legal provisions, etc. were recorded.